Game designer Chris Garrett previously focused on word games.  His most recent iOS word game, QatQi, was critically acclaimed and reached #2 in the word games category at launch.

Word games are by nature tied to a specific language, and further limited because they appeal to gamers with a specialized word gaming vocabulary.  Chris was looking for a way to provide a word gaming experience without these constraints.  He wanted a game that could be played by an eight-year-old or a Chinese speaker.

Chris came up with the idea for Moji Match in the summer of 2015.  The basic idea is to use repeating patterns of emojis and numbers to create “words” using tiles that are placed on a game board.  Players take turns trying to make the highest total score.  Moji Match began as a physical board game using wooden tiles and emoji stickers.  Friends and family loved the game so he started working on a mobile version.

A limited Moji Match beta was released in March 2016.

Moji Match launched in the United States in August 2017.